le Roi “aka” LEE HUTTON 

Born in Houston, Texas in the 1950's -- le Roi "aka" Lee Hutton -- is an anomaly for his traditional and conservative Texas upbringing. Ostracized by the local community and discriminated for his lifestyle, le Roi spent much of his troubled adolescence searching for an outlet to express himself creatively.  This pursuit would eventually find him immersed in the culture of Manhattan in the mid 1970’s as an ambitious 22 year old.


Drawn to the artistic enterprises le Roi leveraged his physical prowess and affinity for creative expression taking to classical ballet. A short time into his study he auditioned for and was accepted into the prestigious School of American Ballet. After just a year in New York at SAB le Roi earned an apprenticeship with San Francisco Ballet. Following his yearlong apprenticeship le Roi returned to New York to continue his study with David Howard.  After successfully auditioning for Joffrey Ballet le Roi joined the company and began touring throughout North America, Europe and Asia.


Sadly le Roi's performance career was cut short after he suffered a knee injury while on stage.  Bed ridden le Roi sought another outlet to express his depth of emotion and life experience. Putting pencil to paper le Roi began to make simple line drawings in color.  As he honed his composition and color le Roi slowly made the transition to acrylic paintings on canvas.


Encouraged by a mentor to seek formal instruction le Roi enrolled at the Art Students League of New York City.  Just a short time into his study the instructor informed him that he had already found his voice as an artist. le Roi would stay on to assist other artists and monitor the classroom. After nearly four years le Roi took to using oils at the recommendation of the instructor.


Having developed and refined his craft le Roi resumed painting in the privacy of his own studio. During this period le Roi worked with a Jungian analyst to help him express and paint his dreams and subconscious. In the years that followed le Roi would experiment with a variety of subjects inspired by the diverse populace and cityscape of Manhattan.


After painting for twenty years in New York  City, today the scope of le Roi’s vision is broadening. Moving from the geometrical rigidity of urban New York back home to his “roots” in Houston, le Roi has begun to express his ideas and feelings in short graphic novella form. With distinctive shapes and vibrant colors in oil the work has begun to invoke a deep emotional and spiritual meaning.

His stories written in sometimes abstract language and images deal with the struggles we all grapple with at one time or another. The books attract an audience that spans all age/gender groups.