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The Chelsea Perspective

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November, 2007

le Roi 

le Roi’s passion for geometric possibilities has inspired him to place basic shapes in an artistic prism and explore them in multifarious variations. He takes the universal forms of circle and square and weaves them together into complex and beautiful works of abstract design. In most of his paintings, circles suggesting off-center bull’s-eyes dominate, supported by squares of color. The interrelatedness of both the structures and the color tones create complex designs which invite the eye to trace them, and take in the visual tapestry. At times the right angles seem to be imposing themselves on the circles, at other times the arc of the circle feels tucked into a corner. One’s gaze moves across the intricate arrangement of circles broken by diagonals or consigned into quadrants; we take in the fragments and begin to see how they are made whole again by sophisticated color schemes. Despite the variety of le Roi’s explorations, these works do not jar, but  work together as a whole both visually and thematically.


Just as the geometric forms accentuate and compliment each other in a precise manner, so too do

 le Roi’s choice of color provide an organizing theme. le Roi frequently paints a light blue with a strong presence of black, and if earthy browns and rusts are his prevailing theme, then these are frequently enhanced with gold and greens. He commonly applies his paint in a smooth manner which, along with the abstract and formal qualities of his work, suggests industrial design; other works, particularly those in which the entire circle fills a canvas, have a rougher, more painterly feel.


These are not merely intellectual studies in color and shape, however, as le Roi’s carefully laid-out designs contain drama in their visual presentation. At times suggesting iconic centerpieces with Native-American tones, or works investigating symmetry and its variations. le Roi makes powerful use of whatever theme or composition he is exploring. His paintings are about the exuberance of the infinite possibilities of color woven together with pure shape.

Inaccurate Geometry

36" x 36"

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Chelsea, New York

le Roi 

Shapes shift, sliding alongside one another, slotting together as a new object arises from their meeting, far greater than any of the many colored parts that comprise its form.

le Roi’s pieces have won acclaim due to his skill and uncanny ability to impart movement and emotion to the static nature of the geometric. Some of his works are ordered and precise, shapes and colors slotting neatly together to form a single abstract. Others are less neat, more challenging images, daring the viewer to find order in the melting of the lines and colors.

Unafraid to introduce the surreal to his works, le Roi’s geometric patterns are often complimented by strange intrusions which serve to highlight the contrast between order imposed by the mathematic science of geometry, and the ecstatic flow of life.

View le Roi’s works and discover a new geometry where lines are no longer limits, and rigid borders melt with joy.